Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cupcakes Galore!

Okay, so I said I'd have a fortnight's break. I was going to, but before I got the chance to relax in my sun-lounger with a failed Sangria (by failed Sangria I, of course, mean Sprite) my daughter told me about a really nice cookbook she'd come across in Tesco (the thing we do is, to keep their boredom levels at a low percentage, my children look at what they want to look at, ie books, toys etc, while I just go ahead and get all I need to get, and it seems to work quite well).
When asked what it was, Daughter replied "Eat Me!"
Now, I, being the worrier I always am, mistook this for a mistake in her wording. I thought she meant "bite me!" (what can I say - she watches Two and a Half Men...), and so was getting prepared to quietly yell at her (remember, I'm in the garden here).
She then said "it's fantastic. It's called Eat Me, and it has all sorts of cakes and cookies and stuff. Can we buy it and do some baking please?"
I nearly drowned in the flooding of relief, and just said "sure".

I didn't know how much this bloody cookbook was.

I went to Tesco with Mum and Daughter, and, like always, went to get the bits and bobs I'd gone there for, whereas Daughter was showing Mum round Tesco, introducing her to her favourite shower gels and the books on her wishlist. She found Eat Me, and showed me the glorious pictures of iced cupcakes and lemon fingers.
Naturally, I asked how much it was.


FIFTEEN QUID! For a cookbook full of cakes! I nearly fainted in the middle of the shop, for God's sake.

I told her quite plainly that it wasn't gonna happen, and thankfully she understood and put the book back.

Now, I do want to bake with her, it'll be a nice thing. But does anyone know a cheaper, but pretty cookbook?
Thanks :).

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Hellish Holidays...

We're only 2 days into the Summer holidays and already I want them to be over. I yearn to drive the kids to school and wave to them, before driving back home and relaxing. I don't know how I'm going to cope the next 6 weeks...

I already have a sore throat from practically screaming at random things. I don't suppose it'll be long before I'm yelling at inanimate objects. Yeah, I'm warning you Mr Toaster. You're next.
"Mum, can I have a Magnum?"
"Pretty please?"
"Okay, fine!! Remember to close the freezer properly..."

Honestly. I'm becoming more and more of a pushover by the minute. I suppose soon I'll be letting them sell the house and let them negotiate. I hope that won't happen...

I used to love Summer. When I was a kid, I used to kiss my parents goodbye and skip off to the field up the road and frolic around in the long, daffodil-growing grass in my t-shirts and shorts and sandals. Those were the days.
Nowadays, Summer means 'Hot, but downright wet!". Never a day goes by without rain pouring at least one time per Summer day. I try to arrange days out but have to check the weather forecast before doing so, which is terribly frustrating as I don't even know how to (online, I mean).

This morning I was thinking, "Maybe if I take a break from blogging then my Summer might be a bit better, and less hectic". So I decided to take a fortnight off from blogging. I'll still come on to comment on blogs and such, but not so much post entries.

See you in a fortnight!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fat Lip Returns: The Final Frontier

Son has had his fare share of fat lips, whether it's colliding head-first with a brick wall, or just having an accident at a football game (how he manages that, God only knows).

Yesterday, Daughter and I went to pick Son up from his Monday after-school club, and as usual, Daughter ran ahead while I went to park the car in a more convenient spot than right in front of the school with oncoming and ongoing traffic blaring beside me.
After I had parked the car in one of the side streets, I followed Daughter. She was nowhere to be seen, had ran off to find Son who was playing football with a friend.
The woman who runs the club, handed me a Biro and a black book for me to sign.

The Accident Book.

Apparently, Son had been playing a game of football (in goal attack - silly boy) when he was running to save the ball that was careering towards the goal-post at maximum speed, when he, not looking where he was going, embraced the wall head-on, busting his top lip and causing it to bleed ferociously. Luckily, he had a cold paper-towel to soothe the pain, but he still cried "a tidge".
The only bad thing about it was whenever he wanted to eat, he'd put something in his mouth and five seconds later would be on the floor, banging his fists on the carpet, his legs imitating, and bawling his eyes out.
This goes without saying - I had to assist him in the eating department. Boy, does that bring back memories...

Now, one day later, he is sitting beside me on the sofa (and by me I mean his dad, as always), his eyes closed and his lip a shade of indigo.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My New Routine.

Mummy-Blogging, for me, feels very weird.
I think it's because, when I'm reading others', they have got little children, whereas mine (at least Daughter, maybe not my son exactly) are on the verge of becoming more and more mature. In less than a year my little girl will be a teenager, for crying out loud. How the time flies...

I've decided, since nothing interesting really happens daily (honestly - the most interesting thing that happens on a daily basis would probably be the iron breaking or the garage not being able to open, that sort of thing) I will blog weekly. If I do blog on a weekly basis, hopefully my blog won't be cluttered with nonsense about helping Son with his homework or details on what I'll be cooking for tea that evening, but instead perfectly tidy with funny and interesting posts about weekly habits, and what has been going on in the past 7 days in my life. Fingers crossed it works out that way.

So, what's been happening with me recently?
Well, Daughter has been quite ill with a stomach bug (or something along those lines - don't want to go into it too deeply) for the past couple of days.
Oh, and speaking of Daughter, remember how I mentioned in a small post that she had sunburn? Well, I used calamine on her shoulders and arms, and hey-ho, it had all peeled days after. So, for those of you that have children with mild sunburn, or are burnt yourself, just use a bit of calamine (it's available pretty much everywhere, if you look hard enough) and it'll be gone in a matter of days.

Anything else...nope, that's about it (see what I mean? What a boring life I live) for this week, so catch you soon.

GM xo.

Monday, 28 June 2010


Daughter and Son both went to Daughter's friend's house at the weekend, to play in their outdoor pool.
Unfortunately, ruining their lovely fun, Daughter got sunburn. It isn't too bad, but it does hurt her an awful lot.
It's all over her arms, shoulders, face and chest, and a little on her back. I have to keep applying E45 cream and After-Sun lotion onto these parts, and it's not easy. I hate seeing the look on her face when I touch the sore parts, watching her hurt. I just wish that it was a little milder.

So, we know that E45 cream hydrates the skin, but I need a good lotion/cream that helps soothe and ease the pain properly, and so far all I've had is the After-sun lotion, which is quite good, and Benadryl, which wasn't so successful.
Any ideas?
Much appreciated.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Oh no.

I don't know what's happened, but all my posts have been deleted!