Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My New Routine.

Mummy-Blogging, for me, feels very weird.
I think it's because, when I'm reading others', they have got little children, whereas mine (at least Daughter, maybe not my son exactly) are on the verge of becoming more and more mature. In less than a year my little girl will be a teenager, for crying out loud. How the time flies...

I've decided, since nothing interesting really happens daily (honestly - the most interesting thing that happens on a daily basis would probably be the iron breaking or the garage not being able to open, that sort of thing) I will blog weekly. If I do blog on a weekly basis, hopefully my blog won't be cluttered with nonsense about helping Son with his homework or details on what I'll be cooking for tea that evening, but instead perfectly tidy with funny and interesting posts about weekly habits, and what has been going on in the past 7 days in my life. Fingers crossed it works out that way.

So, what's been happening with me recently?
Well, Daughter has been quite ill with a stomach bug (or something along those lines - don't want to go into it too deeply) for the past couple of days.
Oh, and speaking of Daughter, remember how I mentioned in a small post that she had sunburn? Well, I used calamine on her shoulders and arms, and hey-ho, it had all peeled days after. So, for those of you that have children with mild sunburn, or are burnt yourself, just use a bit of calamine (it's available pretty much everywhere, if you look hard enough) and it'll be gone in a matter of days.

Anything else...nope, that's about it (see what I mean? What a boring life I live) for this week, so catch you soon.

GM xo.


spudballoo said...

You know, I think that's very wise. I went through a spell of not blogging. Not because I didn't want to, or because I'd lost the enthusiasm for it. I just had nothing to say! And that's ok, and surely better to stay quiet and wait for your voice to return than fill up your blog with useless wittering.


FortyNotOut said...

Heavens you'd be amazed at the stuff you can find to write about - I could warble on about fashion 24/7, 365 days a year. But you've been over to mine so you know that! Good old calamine lotion... I remember being covered in that as kid for many reasons! And Elle is 47...jeez.. I;m gonna sulk now big time! x

Anonymous said...

That's a good idea! xx

Metropolitan Mum said...

My head is full of untold stories, I just feel like I NEED to blog otherwise I am going to burst. Not that big things would be happening in my life, but it's just all in my head. Do I sound mad? Maybe I am mad, just a little. Mad Mum. Haha. There's a new name for a blog.

Glummy Mummy said...

Spudballoo - Yeah, because people will just become bored of your blog if all you write about is what happened during your daily shop at Tesco. Because, I reckon, it's better to have one long, interesting post per week, than a few short, dull ones.
FortyNotOut - Yep, you're a fashionista alright! And yes, the first word that came out of my mouth when I realised that Daughter was burnt was 'calamine!'! And I could not believe Elle was that old, I think I'll join you in that sulk!
Metropolitan Mum - That's the thing, when the kids were little I didn't even think of 'blog', and maybe if I did it'd be a bit more interesting. But now that they're older, I've finally decided to write one, and hopefully more interesting things shall spring up!

Working Mum said...

I don't have a routine for blogging. In fact, when I'm at work, I barely have time for blogging! However, I just write when something springs to mind, or something funny happens or I want a record of something. It seems to work for me!

notSupermum said...

Sometimes I struggle to write about anything, I go for days with nothing happening. and then other times - like now - I have a head full of ideas and I have to keep a list of the posts I want to write. Don't worry about it, you'll find your own pattern.

Btw, my girls are 10 and 13 so we have something in common there!

Glummy Mummy said...

Working Mum - Yeah, I suppose if nothing happens during the week, I'll have to just write when something interesting actually happens!

notSupermum - Yeah, I read about how when you're walking your dog you get ideas, so I'll have to just relax some nights, and think about what to write, or just make some notes (if I have time!)