Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cupcakes Galore!

Okay, so I said I'd have a fortnight's break. I was going to, but before I got the chance to relax in my sun-lounger with a failed Sangria (by failed Sangria I, of course, mean Sprite) my daughter told me about a really nice cookbook she'd come across in Tesco (the thing we do is, to keep their boredom levels at a low percentage, my children look at what they want to look at, ie books, toys etc, while I just go ahead and get all I need to get, and it seems to work quite well).
When asked what it was, Daughter replied "Eat Me!"
Now, I, being the worrier I always am, mistook this for a mistake in her wording. I thought she meant "bite me!" (what can I say - she watches Two and a Half Men...), and so was getting prepared to quietly yell at her (remember, I'm in the garden here).
She then said "it's fantastic. It's called Eat Me, and it has all sorts of cakes and cookies and stuff. Can we buy it and do some baking please?"
I nearly drowned in the flooding of relief, and just said "sure".

I didn't know how much this bloody cookbook was.

I went to Tesco with Mum and Daughter, and, like always, went to get the bits and bobs I'd gone there for, whereas Daughter was showing Mum round Tesco, introducing her to her favourite shower gels and the books on her wishlist. She found Eat Me, and showed me the glorious pictures of iced cupcakes and lemon fingers.
Naturally, I asked how much it was.


FIFTEEN QUID! For a cookbook full of cakes! I nearly fainted in the middle of the shop, for God's sake.

I told her quite plainly that it wasn't gonna happen, and thankfully she understood and put the book back.

Now, I do want to bake with her, it'll be a nice thing. But does anyone know a cheaper, but pretty cookbook?
Thanks :).


Metropolitan Mum said...

Internet? You could print off what you like and put it into a folder, leaving some space for her to collect recipes she likes. Oh, and try these to begin with...’s-easiest-cupcake-recipe/

Working Mum said...

Yep, I was going to say the Good Food website - loads of great recipes for free.

btw The Book People - they have Eat Me for £4.99, here's the link