Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I have the memory of a dumb umbrella stand. Who just had a knock on the head

Why is it that whenever there is a TV programme on that I actually like/would love to see, I always miss it?

Last night I randomly decided to go shopping and missed something that I'd liked to have seen. I'm fairly used to it, of course: rarely a day goes by when I don't miss something and curse out loud when the thought enters my cluttered mind. It always seems to happen when my 11-year-old son is around, also. "Shit" flies out of my mouth, and he stares at me with horror in his eyes, even though I catch him swearing all the time at his Playstation when Fifa doesn't work and his footballers collide on the pitch.

I have Sky Plus, okay? Now, I'm not boasting or bragging about how much money I have, because frankly I'm not. Sky Plus is about the only thing we can afford in our house, so we like to keep the lighting down to dim, which makes up for the never-ending use of my kettle.
The reason I'm mentioning the Sky Plus is that since I have it, it enables me to recording my shows to watch later, or to at least remind me when that programme is on. I thought I'd be in when the show was on, so I stuck "reminder" on the show and got on with my housework (along with my kettle boiling, housework is never-ending also), completely forgetting about it. Then I went shopping, because it had escaped my mind and ran off somewhere to snigger at my messy hairstyle.

I forgot to record it.

Now, it may seem like I am making a fuss over nothing. But it was a programme I had been waiting to see FOR TWO WEEKS and when the time finally came...BAM. I decided to trudge round the local shopping centre and chug caffeine from Starbucks instead. I'm an enemy to myself, I think. Excuse me while I go and sob into a pillow.

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