Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Returned from my...hiatus

Hello! I know I told you I had officially moved to Wordpress, and I had, but it didn't feel right after a few posts. I don't know why, but the exhilarating (if you can associate blogging with that word) feeling of posting an entry just wasn't the same as on Blogspot.
Anyway, to cut a long and boring story short...


I feel like I have said this before. I don't know, maybe I have: my memory isn't like it used to be. I've gone from elephant to umbrella stand.
I don't even know why I left. I guess I just forgot the real point, or just didn't feel like blogging much more. I knew that when I left it wouldn't be forever, that I'd be coming back in a few months to continue where I left off, as I couldn't leave it forever. So, instead of "leaving", let's just say I was taking a short hiatus from the blogging world to get my head around things that were happening outside of cyberspace. The house is pretty cluttered, as ever, and my mum is currently staying with us so things could get more chaotic than ever without me even being aware of it. That's what it does with me - instead of facing me like a real dilemma, it creeps behind me and then when I'm feeling my best it catches up with me and bites me on the arse, which could explain all the stress I'm feeling - maybe the chaos injects it into me like botox or silicone. It seems a reasonable explanation, I suppose.

So, as I was saying, the chaos in my house is like a poisonous gas, and is hitting all of us like a bag of bricks being swung from a digger. Not one of us has stress levels under 50%, for more than an hour, and at the moment we're all in danger of becoming intoxicated by it all.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating.

Or not.

It's hard to say.

Hopefully it'll ease off, but even as I write it I am laughing out loud. Everything in this household is crazy, so we all try and fit a laugh in at some point, but fail most of the time and yell instead. What the neighbours might think of us...

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spudballoo said...

Hey you're back! Yay! x